Monday, July 14, 2008

Daniel Johnston

Lately I have been expanding my portfolio to be more editorial friendly. Recently I was inspired by Daniel Johnston and his music. His documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" was astonishing and I highly recommend it to anyone. You will either love or hate his music, and while I'm not the strongest fan of his vocal capabilities I have a great appreciation for the music he has written and the life he has lived.
His portrait is a reflection of his struggle with mental illness. After his many incidents, the several times he has been institutionalized, and need for medication I decided to focus on how he wears these ailments on his sleeve and they act as symbols for all the trials he has had to overcome and continues to overcome to create art.


Jeff Love said...

Nice piece. I got turned on to Johnston through Sparklehorse's covers of his songs - worth checking out if you haven't heard them.


William said...

I was listening to his "story of an artist" like a minute before I ran across this.... then I went nuts. really sweet stuff happening. -Will

pablo pablo said...

very good!

Nicholas said...

Did you find that you were more appreciative of him, and his music after seeing the Documentary?

I did, Another great piece Chris