Monday, October 22, 2007

va living work job

Last monday I got a job from virginia living for an article about bird watching on Chincoteague Island. I was required to use irregular edges so it made croping rather difficult, but it was a fun challenge.
With this job and everything else going on I've been very busy. I just got married on september 22nd, I still have a full time day job and a full time illustration job, and I have been apprenticing under Sterling Hundley. The marriage is everything I hoped it would be and more, the day job is slow and without reward, the illustration work is coming slowly but surely, and the apprenticship is absolutely great.
I'm still working on some personal paintings and I have yet to bring them to finish so that's what I hope to have up next.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Ive been working on progressing my work and finding new tools and techniques. This piece was more personal than anything. It is an example of how I am constantly trying to find my voice, not so much in the image itself but technique. Most of what I am doing here coming a lot from my influences so I still want to push this new work in a different direction.