Tuesday, July 17, 2007

illustration academy

So Im finally back from the academy and I had the best learning experience possible. Gary Kelley, Mark English, John Foster, John English, Sterling Hundley, Brent Watkinson, George Pratt, Robert Meganck, Doug Chayka, and the list goes on. It was a great two months and I hope I can go back next year. So here is just some of the work I did there. First is a portrait of Steve Prefontaine, next is an illustration of "blue," I choose blue collar and I did a speed painting (45 minutes) of a reference shot I took for that piece, last is an Illustration for the third chapter of pinocchio where gepetto just starts to carve the "little wooden bastard." I hope to have the rest up soon but I have to scan those.
For the future I am working on a bird calender with a group of illustrators.

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Ole said...

Oh SNAP! I look mad old school.